UTV Services

Our most common services are listed below. If you don’t see what you need, contact us! We regularly fulfill custom requests. 

Alpine XC services all major brands of side by sides and UTVs including Polaris Rzr, Can-Am Maverick, and Arctic Cats.

UTV Maintenance

Oil & Fluid Changes

Consistent oil and fluid changes are some of the most important factors for making your vehicle last. Refer to your owner’s manual for the specific fluid changing schedule for your vehicle. Remember – it is much cheaper to regularly replace your oil and fluids than it is to replace engine components.

Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance is essential for the safety of any vehicle. At the beginning of each riding season you should check your brake pads (should be thicker than 1/8th inch), brake fluid (should be full and uncontaminated), and rotors (should not have any grooves or warping). Alpine XC technicians can help you with any brake inspections or repairs.

Suspension Maintenance

Bring life into your suspension with a side by side shock rebuild or suspension respring. Learn more about Alpine XC’s suspension services.

Air Filter Replacement

Clean and oil your air filter regularly to keep air flowing to your engine, keep dirt and other contaminants out, and make your machine run its best. Many stock filters are paper filters and can't be cleaned but will need to be replaced instead. When you replace your air filter, consider what type of filter to use. We recommend using a funnel web, twin air, or pre-oiled filter for quality performance.

Tire Maintenance and Replacement

Maintain an appropriate air pressure for your terrain. Lower air pressure is better for slow speeds and greater traction; higher air pressure is better for fast speeds and smooth surfaces. Always check tires for cracking, abnormal wear, and other damage before driving. Our experts can inspect, patch, rotate, align, and replace your tires to best fit your needs.

Plastic Restoration

Faded plastics lower the value of your UTV and make it look old. If you have the space, store your machine in a garage or covered location to protect it from the sun. If your plastics are already faded, our technicians can restore UTV plastics to a high-quality gloss shine.

Winterize Your UTV

Winterizing your machine is an important part of powersport maintenance. Prevent damage from gas going bad by draining your gas tank and carburetor or adding fuel stabilizer to the tank before extended storage. Or let us do the hard work for you.

UTV Repairs

UTV Clutch Tuning and Replacement

A properly tuned clutch creates smooth shifting and maximum acceleration for your side by side. If your side by side doesn't shift well, or makes grinding noises while shifting, bring it into Alpine XC's shop to have the clutch rebuilt or tuned for peak performance.

UTV Electrical Repairs

Replace your spark plug or kill switch, install a street legal kit, or have any other electrical work done by our side by side repair experts.

UTV Engine Rebuild

Bring your side by side or utv in for any engine repair or rebuild. Alpine XC uses only quality parts and performs repairs you can trust. Learn more about Alpine XC’s engine services.

Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting restores parts to factory cleanliness by removing rust, corrosion, and other grime with a high pressure mix of water and mild cleaning agents. Learn more about Alpine XC’s vapor blasting services.

Our Price: $125/hr; all engine rebuilds include free vapor blasting


Something’s wrong but you don't know what it is? Have our expert mechanics diagnose your problem and get it fixed. Alpine XC has years of repair service experience with a wide variety of parts and machines including suspension rebuilds, engine repairs, carburetor adjustments, and more. Give us a call or send a quick message describing the issues you're experiencing and our friendly staff will get back to you quickly with a diagnosis and possible courses of action for fixing the problem.

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Email Us: AlpineXC@gmail.com

UTV Custom Builds and Installs

Light Bar Installation

An LED light bar provides added visibility and can be installed on any type of side by side or UTV including Polaris RZRs, Can-Am Mavericks, and more.

Turbo Installation

Install a turbo in your UTV, or upgrade the one already installed. A turbo can add a lot more horsepower to your side by side, and make your machine much faster than all your friends’.

Snow Plow Installation

A snowplow on your side by side can turn you into the cul-de-sac hero during the winter, and gives you more excuses to get out and drive.

Suspension Upgrade

Upgrade your UTV’s suspension to greatly enhance its capabilities and looks. You'll have a smoother ride, be able to climb larger rocks, and look a lot cooler with quality suspension or a lift kit. Learn more about Alpine XC’s suspension services.

Winch Installation

Mount a winch on the front or rear of your side by side and you'll never be afraid of getting stuck again.

UTV Race Prep

Race Prep Package
Call us today to learn about our UTV race prep package!

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