Suspension Services

Alpine XC specializes in high-quality suspension repair for dirt bikes and UTVs. Suspension can make or break your ride, so let us tune your machine to perform at its best.

Our most common services are listed below. If you don’t see what you need, call us! We regularly fulfill custom requests. 

Alpine XC services all major OEM brands including KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda motorcycles and all major brands of side by sides and UTVs including Polaris Rzr, Can-Am Maverick, and Arctic Cats.


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Suspension Maintenance

Suspension Re-Spring

A re-spring is often necessary when you get a new bike, because you want the bike to fit you. The right spring rate is determined by your weight and riding style. Alpine XC technicians maintain a balanced system by servicing shocks and forks at the same time.

Suspension Re-Valve

Re-valve services set the suspension to match your riding style and preferred terrain. Each re-valve done by our shop comes with free future valve adjustments with your standard suspension service. We want to keep you riding, even if you change or your riding style changes.

Shock Seal Head Replacement

Shock service involves inspecting and replacing all wear items as needed. Your shocks will be filled with fresh oil, vacuum pumped, and charged with nitrogen so you have a quick responding system as good or better than the factory connection.

UTV Ride Height Check and Adjust

Springs settle, you add weight, or your suspension was never set correctly in the first place. Let us do a once-over to set up your ride height and inspect that your suspension is correctly sprung for your needs. We want your side by side to have an even ride, and we want you to be safe and comfortable while riding. With a ride height check or adjustment each machine will be individually tailored and fine-tuned to keep you safe and in control while maximizing comfort.

Our Price: $50

Suspension Repairs

Fork Seal Replacement

Alpine XC dirt bike suspension service includes labor on any fork seal leaks, annual service, or fork and shock adjustments. We'll go through your forks, make sure all the components are in good shape, and get fresh oil in there to keep you running for the season. Riding with leaky forks can be dangerous and compromise your brake system. If you notice leaky forks, worn gaskets, or other damage or wear to your suspension, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Price: $100

UTV Shock Rebuild

Stop leaks and refresh your fluid with our shock rebuild. We thoroughly inspect your system, upgrade all wear components with Viton o-rings, and fill up with Amsoil fluids and fresh nitrogen.

Suspension Custom Builds and Installs

KTM AER 48 Cone Valves

If you want top of the line suspension for your KTM, check out our new cone valve conversion kit. It provides the smoothest and softest suspension you can get. And it’s lightweight – unlike some other cone valve options out there. This makes it a great option for any bike. Get rid of the teeth chattering, bone jarring sensation that some have accepted as a normal part of riding, and instead choose comfort and quality.

Suspension Race Prep
Call us today to learn about our suspension race prep packages.
Suspension Setup
Call us today to learn about our suspension setup packages.

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